Majority of Pinoys against charter change, 75% little/no knowledge on Constitution – Survey

  • According to Pulse Asia survey results, majority of Pinoys are against amending the Constitution
  • A majority also are not informed about the Constitution and the proposed Federal form of government
  • Despite having little/no knowledge, a majority also oppose the change to Federalism

The recent Pulse Asia Survey results showed that a considerable majority of Filipinos oppose charter change.

In the recent survey conducted from March 23 to 28 revealed that 64% of Filipinos are not in favor of amending the 1987 Constitution.

However, 23% believe that the constitution should be amended now while 13% of Filipinos seems undecided or “can’t say.”

The results reportedly showed that the disapproval for charter change increased by 20 points from the 44% who opposed back in 2016.

When asked on their level of knowledge on the 1987 Constitution, a majority – or 75% of the respondents – admitted to having little to almost no knowledge about it. While 25% said they have a great deal or sufficient knowledge about the Constitution.

On the knowledge about the proposed Federal government, a huge majority of 71% know little/almost nothing about it.

It also revealed that a majority or 66% of Filipinos do not favor a change to a federal system of government.

The survey results were from the March 2018 Ulat ng Bayan national survey via face-to-face interviews.