Mariel Padilla admits not posting pregnancy days photos because she was too fat

  • Mariel Padilla recounted her fat days during pregnancy and admitted she was afraid to ‘come out’ and be bullied
  • The actress-host shared a series of her photos being fat on IG
  • She now lost more than 40 pounds

Mariel Padilla recalled her figure when she gained weight during pregnancy with daughter Isabella.

The actress-host became less visible on social media after giving birth in Delaware, U.S.A., on November 14, 2016. Mariel admits that she was afraid to be cyber bullied for being fat.

But this time, the full time mother proudly shared her heavier figure through IG posts.

“Remembering when I was super FAT”

“Here are some of the selfies we took but I couldn’t post because I didn’t want to be cyber bullied for being super fat! But look at us we were so happy (we still are hehe,)” she captioned her post.

Motherhood can be a ‘huge’ stage and it was the same with Mariel as she shared how she tried to hide because she was ashamed. She declined party invitations, events, even her work in showbiz and told them that ‘she’s too fat to be seen’.

She only came out for Toni Gonzaga and Direk Paul Soriano’s 1st birthday celebration for their son Seve.

Physical appearance is not the only dilemma for Mariel. She also had problems with her milk supply. And since she wanted to breastfeed her daughter, she worked out for it to have milk but her body suffered. Still, she has no regrets about it since she was able to feed Isabella for 14 months.

Mariel even got heavier when her daughter was about a year old: “I was 178 lbs!!! Heavier than my super fit husband. Even my fingers were fat… my rings could not fit me.”

She had to buy new shoes and had only few clothes to wear because most could not fit her anymore.

Despite her struggle, her determination made her lose more than 40 pounds today. The actress proved that being fat is definitely ’not forever’.

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