Military confirms reports that remnants of Maute Group have new leader

Image capture of video by GMA News
  • The remnants of the Maute-ISIS group have a new leader
  • The military identified the new leader as Abu Dar
  • Abu Dar is offering P70,000 to some parents to allow their children to join the Maute-ISIS group

The military confirmed that the more than 100 Maute-ISIS fighters who fled Marawi City during the five-month siege last year have a new leader.

According to GMA News, the military identified the new Maute-ISIS leader as Owayda Benito Marohamsar who uses the aliases Huwam and Abu Dar. He was among the terrorist leaders who plotted the attack on Marawi City as seen from the video recovered by the military from a slain terrorist.

When Abu Dar fled Marawi during the early stage of the crisis, he brought with him a big amount of money looted from homes and banks in the city.

Col. Romeo Brawner, Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force Ranao, said Abu Dar is now recruiting men to join his group. He reportedly offers P70,000 as initial payment to those who want to become members of the new Maute-ISIS group.

Lieutenant Colonel Wilfredo Amoma, the operations officer of Joint Task Force Tabang, said Abu Dar’s group remains a threat. He said it is possible that the group may stage another attack.