Mom defends use of ‘kid harness or safety leash’

  • A mother defended her use of kid harness or safety leash
  • Others criticized her for making use of the leash on her child
  • She asked for respect and less judgement from others because she is only looking after her child’s safety

A mother has defended her use of kid harness or safety leash on her toddler.

On Facebook, Shemaiah Montenegro said that when she uses a safety leash on her child, she would often hear hurtful comments such as, “Look at her, she’s turning her child into a dog” and “What kind of mother is that, tying her child like a dog.”

Montenegro said that she would often use the safety leash when they go out because her daughter Ava can sometimes be so unruly and can be hard to contain. She wrote, “Kids are very difficult to manage at times but as a parent, we should be prepared on how unruly they could get.”

She added that others should stop judging other mothers’ actions, especially if it is for the welfare of her children. Montenegro wrote, “At the end of the day, our child is our responsibility, not the driver, not the yaya, not the other people.”

The post has received support from netizens, including mothers who shared their own stories and fears of losing their child while outside.

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