Mom of minor involved in Ellen Adarna’s paparazzi issue to seek legal action

  • Mrs. Myra Abo Santos defended her daughter Eleila after the latter was accused of being a “paparazzi” by Ellen Adarna
  • She said that Adarna’s accusations were unfounded
  • They are asking for a public apology and a reply within 5 days before they make appropriate legal actions

The mother of Eleila A. Santos, the 17-year-old lady accused by Ellen Adarna as a “paparazzi” in a video, broke her silence on the issue.

On her Facebook account, Myra Abo Santos admitted that her family was “deeply hurt” by the “unneeded stress and unwanted attention” brought about by the issue.

Mrs. Santos revealed that her daughter privately messaged Adarna to explain that she was not taking videos and photos of her and John Lloyd Cruz but of her food. She added that her daughter’s Aunt also sent a message to explain that Eleila is a minor but Adarna ignored their messages.

After Adarna’s second  Instagram Story surfaced showing the actress insisting her accusations, Mrs. Santos called it a “one sided narrative and insisted on erroneous and unfounded accusations.”

Mrs. Santos continued that she is proud of how maturely her daughter is handling the issue but as a mother, she will not back down and will protect her. She admitted that their family is now seeking legal assistance with their lawyer. They are asking for a public apology and for a reply within 5 days before they make the appropriate legal actions.

Dear Ms. Adarna,I am the mother of Eleila A. Santos, the 17 year old girl you identified and accused as paparazzi in a…

Posted by Myra Abo Santos on Monday, May 7, 2018