Mon Tulfo ‘sets record straight’ on controversy involving his siblings

  • Mon Tulfo has spoken up on the controversy involving his siblings
  • He said Ben should be blamed for touching the DOT contract
  • He vowed to support Wanda in clearing her name, but not Ben

MANILA, Philippines – Ramon Tulfo, one of the Tulfo brothers, has finally spoken up on the controversy involving his siblings – former Tourism chief Wanda Teo and Ben Tulfo, owner of the Bitag Media Unlimited Inc. (BMUI).

On his Inquirer column on Thursday, Mon who calls himself the ‘self-appointed patriarch’ of the family, said he is not trying to get Wanda off the hook, but merely wanted people to know the whole story.

Ben shouldn’t have touched the contract

The hard-hitting journalist said Wanda’s fault is that she did not get intelligent people as staff who could’ve advised her against signing the contract with PTV 4 where their brother, Ben, is a blocktimer.

“She was clueless that Ben would get the lion’s share, so to speak, of the P60 million advertising contract,” Mon wrote. “She was only following President Digong’s injunction for all Cabinet members to support PTV 4 which is a government network.”

The eldest among the Tulfo siblings also blamed Ben, whom he said is suffering from ‘middle child syndrome’ and a ‘black sheep’, for ‘touching’ the contract with DOT since that would constitute conflict of interest on Wanda’s part.

“No amount of pleading from me when the uproar broke out could persuade Ben to admit it was his fault and not Wanda’s,” Mon said; adding that his younger brother even gave him the ‘F’ word.

Will support Wanda, but not Ben

Mon also said Wanda may have overlooked the fact her husband was still with the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (Tieza) board when she accepted her appointment to DOT.

He also slammed Wanda’s lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, for promising to return the P60-M without consulting any of the Tulfo brothers – Mon, Ben, Raffy and Erwin.

“The guy is all talk. He doesn’t care about his client; he only cares about getting publicity from a controversy,” he said of Topacio.

In the end, Mon said, the President should be commended for ‘sacking’ Wanda from DOT.

“Loyalty to country and people should take precedence over loyalty to friends and family,” Mon wrote.

“Meanwhile, I am supporting Wanda’s fight to clear her name, but not Ben’s,” he added.