Mystical-looking sea creature called “globster” found in Oriental Mindoro

  • A hairy sea creature termed by the locals as “globster” was washed up at the shore of Oriental Mindoro
  • Some locals thought that it could be a signal that a disaster is coming
  • Some experts said those were remains of a decomposed whale

A mystifying marine animal called “globster” was found washed along the shores of San Antonio, Oriental Mindoro last Friday at around 7 pm in the evening. Local people thought that what they found were remains of a deep-sea creature.

According to News Week, the weird-looking hairy creature was around 6-meters long. The animal has perplexed superstitious locals saying that this might be a sign that something bad is going to happen. Tam Maling, one of the locals, said it could be a sign that an earthquake might be heading to Oriental Mindoro.

Image via ViralPress

Vincent Dela Pena Badillo also said many were alarmed when they heard the news because according to their belief, when deep-sea creatures appear on shores it could signify that a disaster might arrive.

The “unidentified” creature just termed “globster” did not appear first at the shore of Oriental Mindoro. It has first appeared at the shore of Dinagat Island in February 2017.

Some experts said that the hairy part of the sea creature was perhaps muscle fibers of the carcass while the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources experts said that it could be a decomposed body of a whale. Fishery Law Enforcement Officer Vox Krusada said that they gathered some samples for DNA analysis of the unknown organism.

The curious locals took photos of the mysterious greyish white blob.