Nadine Lustre asks ‘fake fans’ to leave fandom

  • Nadine Lustre asked her ‘fake fans’ to leave their fandom because they only promote negativity
  • She thanked their loyal supporters who continue to stand beside them
  • Their loveteam JaDine has been embroiled in a few controversies

Nadine Lustre made a stand against negativity by asking fake fans to leave their fandom.

The other half of the popular loveteam JaDine have had enough of all the hate and criticisms hurled at them that she bids goodbye to all their “confused/hot and cold/fake fans.”

On Instagram Stories, Nadine posted a message saying, “To all the confused/Hot and Cold/fake fans, here’s the door. We don’t need your bs here.”

Meanwhile, she thanked their loyal fans for continually supporting them. Nadine wrote, “To all of our real supporters, we appreciate you all. Thank you for showing nothing but love and positivity not only to this fandom, but the others as well.”

Just like most young celebs, their loveteam has also been into a few controversies. The latest was when a video showing Nadine pushing a fan who was taking a selfie with James Reid went viral.

Image Capture of Image by Nadine Lustre via Instagram Stories