Netizen shares legit way to earn money while at home: “Magtinda na ng yelo”

  • A Facebook user posted how he earned Php1,150 while working at home
  • John Ambon Alcedo shared his work — selling ice
  • His social media post went viral

An online user shared how he legitimately earned more than a thousand pesos while working at home.

“Pano nga ba kumita ng pera habang nasa bahay ka lang?” [How to earn while at home?] asked John Ambon Alcedo on his Facebook post on Wednesday; to which he answered “Simple lang, magtinda ng yelo.” [It’s simple, sell ice.]

John further stated that he feels proud as he made Php1,150-pesos within four weeks.

He said, “Sabe nga nila basta may tyaga, may nilaga.” [They say: If you persevere, you can get anything.]

The netizen, moreover, urged others to follow his strategy: “Kaya sa mga gustong kumita habang nasa bahay lang, ano pa hinihintay nyo. Magtinda na ng yelo.” [That is why for those who want to earn while at home, what are you waiting for? Sell ice now!]

On his post’s comment section, he revealed he’s using NAWASA water for his product and, apparently, he’s not into credit.

John’s social media story has been re-posted by Filipino Channel Online on its page which it immediately went viral with more than 2.7-thousand likes, and 580 shares as of posting.

To note, working at home is a trend nowadays especially with the help of the Internet. A click on search engines can bring enormous amounts of job offers that can be done at home, but scams are also rampant, so be careful.

What do you think about John’s strategy to earn money while at home? Would you do the same?