Paolo Valenciano gives update on his father’s condition

  • Paolo Valenciano gave an update about his father’s condition after the major surgery
  • He gladly shared how his father recovers fast
  • He also said his father might stay in the hospital for three to four months for complete recovery

Paolo Valenciano gave an update on his father’s condition after undergoing an open heart surgery.

In an interview with PUSH, Paolo said his father is now miraculously doing well. The doctor even said that Gary is recovering fast despite his age.

Thankfully, ‘Mr. Pure Energy’ was out in the ICU. Although he still feels tightness in chest and severe pain, he still manages to walk.

On the third day, May 8, he stood up and walked. The discipline and determination of my husband have never ceased to amaze me. So even after a super major open heart double bypass surgery, he has been doing his breathing and chest coughing exercises religiously because he is determined to use his second life and his new heart to accomplish his unfinished mission on this earth. The day before his surgery, he faced the window and looked at the horizon and said “I wish I could sing the song .. “ and proceeded to sing “Take this cup away from me..” then took a deep breath and went back to his bed. The cup wasn’t taken away … and so his next season in a most difficult but victorious life journey begins. Gary remains standing. To Jesus be all glory, honor and praise. #garyvalenciano #mrpureenergy #thevalencianos #prayforgaryv #openheartsurgery #babysteps #garybegantowalk #newheart #3xstronger

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Paolo also shared their initial reaction on his father’s sudden operation. He said his father was completely fine for the past few weeks but it was during his appearance in the ABS-CBN noon time variety show ‘ASAP’ that the 53-year-old singer felt chest pains.

Without any second thoughts, Gary went to the hospital for check-up and doctors thought it wasn’t that serious since he was taking medications for his diabetes.

Despite the situation, they were still thankful that his father didn’t have a heart attack.

Paolo also shared how his mom kept their family strong.

As of now, Gary is still recovering in the hospital and it might take three to four months for his complete recovery according to Paolo.