Pres. Duterte says room in Mayor Loot’s house full of illegal drugs

Image from Mayor Loot's Facebook account
  • President Duterte lambasted Daanbantayan Mayor Loot for his alleged involvement in illegal drugs
  • The President said the Mayor Loot has a room in his house full of drugs
  • Mayor Loot denied the President’s accusations

President Rodrigo Duterte said in his speech during his visit in Cebu that a room in the house of Daanbantayan Mayor Vicente Loot is full of illegal drugs.

Shortly after he assumed the presidency in 2016, President Duterte named Loot as one of the five police generals involved in the illegal drug trade in the country.

“Remember, General Loot, your house was flooded with drugs in one room. Huwag na tayong maglokohan dito (Let’s not fool each other here),” ),” PTV News quoted President Duterte as  saying in his speech before Cebu local executives last Saturday, May 19, at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City.

During the same speech he threatened to finish off the mayors who are involved in the illegal drug trade.

“Di ba pinatawag ko kayo sa Malacañang? [I summoned you to Malacañang, didn’t I?] ‘Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo na nakakahiya? [I told you that is shameful, didn’t I?] I would talk in a very harsh language. Pardon me. Mayor lang rin ako kagaya ninyo pero [I am also just a mayor just like you, but]if you start to f*** with drugs, I will really finish you off,” the President said.

Mayor Loot, who survived an attempt against his life last week, repeatedly denied the President’s accusations against him.

“I hope that President Duterte will make an inquiry on the false report that was submitted to him, Loot said.