Remember this ‘gifted child’? She’s now a sought-after photographer

  • Shaira Luna was one of the 3 “gifted children” featured in a powdered milk brand
  • She went to college at 13 years old
  • Shaira is now a sought-after fashion photographer

Remember the “gifted children” of a powdered milk brand back in the 90’s? The ad was such a hit that Shaira Luna became a household name back then. She was the young girl with bangs who shared facts about the human anatomy.

Now at age 31, Shaira is one of the sought-after fashion photographer in the country. She has photographed big names in the industry and has been behind some popular magazines covers.

Shaira, who went to college at 13 years old, admitted that she ventured into various interests but fell in love with photography. She once shared with ABS-CBN, “It was just me really looking for something I hadn’t tried or spoon-fed to me. It was very challenging for me because I had to learn things on my own, I didn’t have a syllabus, and that was the fun part for me.”

You can check out some of Shaira’s stunning photos from her Instagram page:

Here’s Nadine for a magazine cover.