Sharon Cuneta explains why she left Bruno Mars’ concert early

  • Sharon Cuneta left by the third or fourth song of the Bruno Mars’ concert
  • Her children, Miel and Miguel, wanted to go home
  • The Megastar applauded Bruno Mars’ impressive performance

Sharon Cuneta explained why she had to leave the much-anticipated Bruno Mars 24K Magic Tour concert really early.

The Megastar took to Facebook to explain that she left her daughter Frankie and her friends along with their yayas. She said, “I had to leave the Bruno Mars concert early with Gugie and Yellie but left Kakie and her friends and even our Yayas and Peachy, Penny and Beyoncé Jeff Aromin with my son (nephew) Daniel to finish the show kasi I want them to enjoy naman!”

Sharon further explained that her children, Miel and Miguel, wanted to go home already. And like any other mother, the Megastar couldn’t just say no. She said, “Yellie’s a bit sick, Gugie couldn’t stand the loud fireworks (“I think it’s better Mama if we watch Bruno on your laptop while we’re eating!” Oo nga naman hahaha!). And me – well – I’m Mama! I go where my littlest ones go even if I LOOOOVE BRUNO!”

She left by the third or fourth song but applauded the Grammy winner for an impressive concert. Sharon said, “Galing ni Bruno kahit na he is a bit paos tonight. Left during song #3 or 4 pa lang but it’s okay.” [Bruno was really good even though he was a bit hoarse tonight.]

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