Sharon Cuneta reveals her relationship with her eldest, KC Concepcion

  • Sharon Cuneta described her relationship with her 33-year-old daughter KC Concepcion
  • The 52-year-old celebrity mom shared that she doesn’t get to spend a lot of time now since her daughter has become a very independent young woman

Megastar Sharon Cuneta shared some updates about her family in a recent interview with PEP. The celebrity mom revealed  she has a slightly different type of relationship now with her firstborn KC Concepcion after she reached her teen years.

She added that her 33-year-old daughter is a very independent woman.

On her recent Instagram post dated May 15, where she shared her relationship with her son and daughters with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, Sharon shared that her bonding with her actress-businesswoman daughter is quite different. The celebrity mom and daughter faced controversies about their misunderstandings.

The Kapamilya star shared that KC was the best kid ever. She recalled that KC had the best of her youth; however, along the way, they have somehow grown apart. But Sharon also emphasized, just like any mom, she loves KC very much and she will always be there for her anytime.

Sharon also said, “She’s a full-grown adult so I don’t expect that I’ll suddenly have such a big impact on her life now!

In her message, it seems like the 52-year old actress misses her daughter with Gabby Concepcion. Sharon wrote, “I just miss that I know I have FOUR kids and am able to share my life with only THREE.”

KC, on the other hand, who also just recently posted a Mother’s Day message on Instagram for her mom, described Sharon as an extraordinary woman. In her post, she also thanked her mom for loving them in so many ways.