Taylor Swift, Katy Perry finally resolve years long conflict

  • Katy Perry and Taylor Swift finally ‘patched up’ their differences
  • The 33-year-old pop star Katy sent a wreath of olive with an apology note to the 28-year-old singer Taylor Swift
  • Taylor uploaded the peace offering of Katy on her Instagram story

On Tuesday, May 8, Taylor Swift uploaded Katy Perry’s gift of peace on her Instagram story. Swift posted it with words: “Thank You Katy” and matched it with two hearts emojis. She posted it right before she went to her “Reputation” concert tour in Arizona.

The pop star Katy Perry sent a wreath of olive branches with a note to the 28-year-old Swift.

It could be recalled that in 2014, the two American celebrities had a publicized argument. It was believed that Taylor’s “Bad Blood” song was about her conflict with Katy.

Usually an olive branch symbolizes peace. It is quite unusual though to be given as a peace offering. The wreath given by the 33-year-old Perry includes a letter which says, “Hey old friend—I’ve been doing some thinking on past miscommunications and feelings between us and wanted to clear the air.”

Image via Taylor Swift’s Instagram story

Perry also reportedly told a source that just in case Taylor wouldn’t accept her apology, she would still again try until Taylor forgives. However, it seemed like Taylor has already acknowledged her humble and sweet apology.