This happens when you ask your kid to help in the kitchen

  • Bamby Quinn’s posted a hilarious experience when she asked her little daughter Kate to put onion on braised pork
  • Instead of putting the onion on the pork, her daughter placed it on top of the baby feeding bottles
  • Her post has been shared almost 19,000 times

Social media has been a venue for sharing personal thoughts or events. If used responsibly, it can also spread good vibes to everyone.

Just like Bamby Quinn’s post on Facebook. The mother of two captured a funny moment showing the perks of motherhood.

The story went hilarious when she told her daughter Kate, who’s only 8 years old, to put onion on braised pork but to her surprise, the onions were placed on top of the sterilized feeding bottles. The kid might be confused since the two pots were on the same stove.

You can’t help but giggle and share. In fact her post has already been shared almost 20,000 times.

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