Twins born on ‘Star Wars Day’ named after Luke and Leia

  • Kendall and Ross Robbins are the proud new parents of Rowan Luke and Kai Leia
  • The siblings’ middle names are Luke and Leia, a homage to two of the main characters from the original Star Wars trilogy

May the 4th be with you! From a galaxy far, far away to a delivery room in Weber County, Utah.

Parents in Utah whose twins were born during the Star Wars day, May 4, decided to name their children from the famous characters of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Kendall and Ross Robbins named their babies Rowan Luke and Kai Leia, KSTU-TV reported.

That’s right — their middle names are Luke and Leia.

“We found out we were having a boy and a girl; we knew that being born May the 4th, they had to be Luke and Leia… at least for their middle names,” said Kendall Robbins via WWLP.

“As soon as we knew that there was a chance they were May the 4th babies, it was like, all right if they are born on May the 4th, that’s happening,” said Ross Robbins.

Congrats to the new parents!

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