[Video] Andre on stepmom: We could’ve been problematic people if we weren’t raised by her

  • Both Andre and Kobe Paras are very happy right now after reconciling with their mother
  • The boys spent quality time with mom Jackie Forster
  • Amid such happiness, the two did not forget to thank their stepmom Lyxen Paras

Both Andre and Kobe Paras are very happy right now after reconciling and spending some quality time with their mother Jackie Forster.

When you have little pieces of you walking around on earth, all you can do that makes the biggest difference is to pray for them. When your heart beats in tune with your prayer their Homing Device will activate, eventually they come home. This is all that matters now, that we are together again ? no matter what anyone says @_kokoparas will always be mamas hero ? Thank you to kuya @andreparas for taking good care of him while mama was away. God is sooooo good! I told you all – #prayerswork I ask for everyone to please respect their privacy now, we have shared so much of our personal lives with everyone and we want to take this time to heal and bond. No more bashing please. We lift you all up in prayers and speak blessing upon you all. The boys and I do not want to dwell on the past. We will not speak on behalf of people outside of our relationship. That’s not our place. On behalf of my two sons I want to thank those of you who prayed for us and with us! God bless your hearts a million folds!!!! ? ? ? ? ? J.A.C.K.Y

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But amid such happiness, the two did not forget to thank their stepmother Lyxen Paras. They are both grateful to her for treating them like her own.

“If you guys see what we are right now, we could have been problematic people, we could have been doing things that are bad or negative pero we were raised by her and I’m proud of that,” Andre added.

Now that he’s happier here, Kobe is considering living in the Philippines.

“It’s my first time actually visiting the Philippines where I’m happy. Because every time I visit here I wanted to go back (to America). So now I’m happier and, maybe, I can stay,” he expressed.

“Maybe GMA will give me a show or something,” he joked while in front of GMA’s top officials.

Here’s the video of the interview with the Paras:

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