[Video] Kindhearted man rushed onto road to save dog

  • A man rescued a dog in the middle of traffic
  • The whole scene was caught by netizen Sunita Parhar who posted it later on Facebook
  • The video has been reposted and went viral

A video of a man who rescued a wondering puppy in the middle of the road will pich your heart a bit.

The touching scene was captured by a certain Sunita Parhar who then shared it on Facebook.

In the video, a small dog could be seen walking in the middle of the road. Many drivers slowed down their car to at least avoid the frightened animal.

“We were driving down Upper Thomson Road and this poor puppy was running in the middle of the road. Poor pup looked so distressed,” Ms Parhar said.

They were wondering how to help the poor dog when suddenly a kindhearted man stepped out of the road and rushed to pick him up using his bare arms.

“We were wondering how to help him when a really kind man stepped out and picked him up. Thank you, Sir!”  Parhar added.

Online users also took notice that the “Cam car driver was protecting the dog as well by following it.”

The video was re-posted by Fabrications About The PAP and immediately went viral. It already garnered more than 7,500 likes and over 219,000 views as of posting.