Wilma Doesnt explains her “No WiFi” policy at home

  • Wilma Doesn’t shared her “No WiFi” policy at home
  • The mother of four revealed that only two of her teens have mobile phone and the younger ones have to wait for their turn
  • She wanted to raise her children unexposed to gadgets so they’ll know how to communicate with people

Kids nowadays are hooked to gadgets and get exposed at their youngest age. Even parents lure them with devices as ‘pacifiers’ to behave.

But this celebrity mom doesn’t want to go with the trend.

She knew that having WiFi at home is a sure reason for kids to be addicted to mobile gadgets.

During an interview with PEP, Wilma Doesn’t revealed her house rule was intended for her four kids.

“No WiFi sa bahay!” she said. [No WiFi at home!]

Even gadgets are limited for kids. Her teens ages 17 and 15 have mobile phones but her 10 and 4-year-old kid have to wait for their turn.


When asked if her kids object, she quickly answered, “They never ask. I’m the mother, and that’s my rule.”

They know how to communicate to a real person, not to a cyber, internet person. They know how to communicate sa lahat ng bisita sa bahay dahil tao yun [to all the visitors at home because they’re human.]. They know how to communicate well,” she explained.

With her style of discipline, the kids will grow up connected to real people not through social media.


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PEP, Instagram