Young JV tags relationship with Miho as “exclusively dating”

  • Young JV tagged his relationship with Miho Nishid as “exclusively dating”
  • However, he quickly added that he wants the confirmation to come from Nishida that they are a couple

Young JV all but confirmed that he and rumored girlfriend Miho Nishida are a couple by reiterating their “exclusively dating” tag.

It was in December when the two first revealed their feelings for each other.

And in April, they said they are “exclusively dating.”

In an interview with Pep published on Saturday, Young JV said that one could call them a couple already.

However, he quickly added that he wants the confirmation to come from Nishida.

“Yeah, I guess we can say that… “We don’t wanna give labels yet. Ayaw muna naming sabihing, ‘O, tayo na!’ So, I guess sa akin lang, gusto ko na siya muna ang magsalita,” said the recording artist-actor.

[We don’t want to say yet that ‘yes, we’re committed to each other as lovers, I want her to say it first.]

Young JV also talked about his relationship with Nishida’s daughter; expressing his delight as he described it as “very good, effortless.”

Here are some of their recent photos:

Young and Miho with some friends.

Miho and her daughter.