Ysabel Ortega cries, reveals dad Lito Lapid ignored her greetings, efforts

  • Ysabel Ortega revealed she has not seen his father Lito Lapid for years
  • The teen actress said she doesn’t have the contact number of her dad, only his aide
  • She said she doesn’t get any reply when she send greetings and messages

Ysabel Ortega couldn’t help but cry when she opened up about her relationship with her father, former Senator Lito Lapid.

The teen actress sat down on Tonight with Boy Abunda and was in tears as she shared that she has no communication with her father.

Ysabel revealed that she doesn’t even have the contact number of Lapid and only has his aide’s number. As a daughter, she would often think of her dad and would miss him.

She told Tito Boy, “I always think of my dad so whenever it’s his birthday, I always make it a point to greet him and every holidays, lagi ko pa rin po binabati.”

Tito Boy asked if her father or aide replied, Ysabel said no. The teen actress added that despite her dad’s cold shoulder, Lapid is one of the reasons she wants to excel in showbiz.

“I hope he’s proud of who I am,” Ysabel said in tears.

When asked for a message, the emotional daughter said, “Papa, if you’re watching, I really miss you and nandito lang po ako. No matter what happens I will always be here, I will always be your daughter, I will always love you, and I will always have respect for you.”

Back in 2015, when Ysabel first enterred showbiz through JaDine’s On the Wings of Love, she already admitted that she hasn’t seen her dad.

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