Chinese students create a device that turns book pages by blinking the eyes

  • A device that can turn book pages by blinking the eyes was invented by Chinese students
  • The invention could help people with disabilities to read in an “intelligent and humane” way
  • Critics said the invention isn’t practical

A group of five students in China invented a gadget that could flip book pages just by blinking the eyes,

According to one of the students, their invention could help people with disabilities to read books in an “intelligent and humane way.”

Image from SCMP

The device, as per SCMP, is a headband that could detect brain waves and turn them into digital signals before sending them to the page-flipping apparatus using Bluetooth wireless technology.

The device was demonstrated by Qi Huanqiang, one of the students involved in the creation of the device, during an exhibition in Changchun University of Science and Technology last November 14. During his presentation, Qi wore the headband that communicated with the apparatus that turns a book’s page every time he blinked.

Image from Red Intern

Qi’s team said they came up with their invention in just one week. The team said the device is inexpensive and could help a range of people including the elderly, conductors and pianists.

The students were praised by Chinese social media users and even expressed support to the potential of their invention. However, there were also the naysayers who pointed out the impracticality of the device.

One critic said the device can only flip the pages forward, but not backward. Another one was quoted as saying, “I don’t think it’s practical. That means I can’t blink at all until I’ve finished reading a page.”