Myrtle Sarrosa’s team performed well in international online gaming competition

  • Actress Myrtle Sarrosa’s team placed 5th in the finals of the PUBG competition
  • The competition was held in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sarrosa is the first Filipina celebrity to join the online gaming competition

The Team Philippines, known as Aether Dogz and led by actress Myrtle Sarrosa, performed well in the recently concluded Omen by HP Challenger Series 2018; an online gaming completion held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Image from Myrtlegail’s Instagram account

Sarrosa, who rose to fame after she was declared as the Big Winner in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, was so happy for the feat her team accomplished.

“We’re so happy and grateful. We did well against these teams with 80 players each. In other countries, people invest in gamers, who are housed in one location and are paid just to play video games. Imagine how tough it was to have played with professionals in Thailand when we’re just amateurs. It was amazing to find out that we ranked that high,” the actress, who is also a cosplay enthusiast, said.

Image from Myrtlegail’s Instagram account

Sarrosa said the Aether Dogz placed 5th in the finals and 9th in the showmatch as she thanked all those who supported tha team.

Image capture of video by Twitch TV

“Thanks again to everyone who supported us last weekend for the PUBG Challenger Series. I had so much fun playing with Aether Dogz who ranked 5 in last week’s finals! While we got 9th at the showmatch! Thanks for all the support! We were all using Omen HP Desktop and it was such a powerful beauty!” the actress wrote on Instagram.

Image from PUBG

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground), is s an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation.