Sen. Poe’s father-in-law safe after SUV crashes from 3rd level of mall car park

  • The SUV of Sen. Grace Poe’s father-in-law fell from an elevated car park in San Juan City
  • The 83-year-old victim suffered bruises and a few fractured ribs
  • The victim was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition

The father-in law of Senator Grace Poe was hurt but declared in stable condition after his sports utility vehicle (SUV) fell from the elevated car park in a mall in Greenhills, San Juan City on Sunday, November 18.

No one else was injured in the incident. The 83-year-old Dr. Teodoro Paraiso Llamanzares was alone in the vehicle when the incident happened.

Image from Philippine News Agency

As mentioned in an Inquirer story dated November 18, 2018, Dr. Llamanzares and his wife just came from hearing mass when they decided to go shopping at Greenhills Promenade. A police investigator said the wife alighted at the ground floor of the mall while the doctor drove to the elevated parking lot.

Parking attendants and mall security guards said Llamanzares’ black Toyota Innova suddenly accelerated then hit and went through the barrier. It fell to the ground floor at around 9:45 a.m.

Dr. Llamanzares was rushed to the Cardinal Santos Medical Center where he was found to have suffered a few fractured ribs and bruises but is otherwise safe.

Image from San Juan City PNP

“Thankfully my father-in-law, Dr. Teodoro Paraiso Llamanzares, is alright and no one else was hurt in the incident. It’s a good thing he was wearing his seatbelt so he only has a few fractured ribs and bruises but we expect a speedy recovery,” Senator Poe said.

Poe thanked those who prayed for her father-in-law.

“We want to thank everyone for their prayers and concern. We’re just thankful he was kept safe and no one else was injured,” Sen. Poe said.