Duterte inaugurates new Bohol International Airport

Image by DOTr via Facebook page

President Rodrigo Duterte inaugurated the country’s newest P8.9-billion Bohol-Panglao International Airport.

Claimed to be the Philippines’ first “eco-airport,” the new Bohol Airport is estimated to accommodate as much as two million passengers; more than double the capacity of the old Tagbilaran airport.

During the inauguration, the President said that the new airport will help address traffic congestion. Duterte was quoted by Manila Bulletin saying, “This modern airport will serve local and international tourists who’d like to experience the beauty of Panglao. It will also address the problem of our growing traffic congestion and accelerate economic activities in the region.”

He also urged the public to visit Bohol. Duterte said, “Indeed, now is the perfect time to see the wonders of Bohol.”

Image by DOTr via Facebook page

The President also reminded the people of Bohol to take care of their airport as he compared it to Davao’s “old” airport. Duterte said, “Maganda airport ninyo actually. Mas maganda sa Davao. Ang akin luma na ‘yun.”

Duterte gave assurances that the government will help Bohol bring in more people from all over the world. He said, “Be assured of this government’s full support as you make Bohol more accessible to the world through this new airport.”

“As we formally open the doors of BPIA, I urge you to demonstrate solidarity in our shared task of building a stronger and more robust society for all,” he added.

Image by DOTr via Facebook page

The Bohol-Panglao International Airport has earned the nod of the public for its standards of green and sustainable structure. It features solar panels, water treatment facility and many others.