Instead of wedding vows, bride reads out her groom’s affair texts with another woman

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Wedding jitters, cold feet, second thoughts just before tying the knot —  We’ve heard those before and probably experienced the same things ourselves before we got married.

However, one bride-to-be had more than those …  just hours before her big day.

Casey (not her real name) shared the unforgettable crazy moments of her life on her supposedly super grand wedding day.

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Turns out that on the night before her much-awaited union with the man of her dreams, while she was enjoying some drinks with her best friends/bridesmaids in a hotel before leaving singlehood, her phone buzzed.

Thinking it was another set of advanced wedding greetings, she picked up her phone. Much to her surprise, she found a series of screenshots of text messages from a number she doesn’t recognize.

Confusion, surprise, shock … all of these would’ve been evident on her face as she read the screenshots of text conversations between her fiance Alex (not his real name) and another woman.

Who wouldn’t be devastated after reading texts such as these involving your groom-to-be?

“This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A game.

“Your body is f**** incredible. And s**t do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.”

“I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about L, S, F** you. I’ve never had this kind of connection before.

Following the screenshots was a message that said: “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?” Add to those messages a number of selfies of another woman with her boyfriend of six years.  Six years, can you imagine how long that is?

Casey was blonde and fair and the other woman had dark hair and olive skin, according to a story posted on Whimn, and from the dates of the conversation it would appear that the affair had been going on for months, and not so long ago, too.

It was such a devastating revelation which, Casey had to admit, was true; she just knew.

While her best friends suggested that she immediately call Alex and call the wedding off, she felt in her heart that she needed more time to think things through. Perhaps she knew it isn’t wise to act while one is angry, confused or devastated, and she was probably all those.

She couldn’t sleep a wink, she said, and as morning came, so did a decision.

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As everyone expected she came to the venue of their wedding; all dressed up in her wedding dress as she made that walk to the altar towards Alex who was waiting for her.  However, as she stood near her ‘groom’, she turned around to face their family and friends and announced that there won’t be a wedding anymore; adding that, “It seems Alex is not who I thought he was.”

She then proceeded to read out the exchange of messages between her ‘groom’ and the other woman from her phone which she hid beneath her bouquet. And as she read, Alex turned pale by the minute and instantly fled the church; swiftly followed by his best man.

It’s easy to imagine the scenario among the wedding guests, but Casey wasn’t done yet.

Despite the traumatic outcome of the supposedly biggest day of her life, she managed to keep herself together as she reportedly told the crowd: “I love all of you and as horrible as this is I’m glad you all are here. There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts.”

A celebration indeed which still turned out to be “one hell of a party”, she said. On a positive note, it’s good she learned about it before she could declare her wedding vows and wear that ring.

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