Homeless man sports new look after netizen offered him free haircut, new clothes

  • A netizen offered a beggar to have his hair trimmed
  • The  homeless man looked transformed after the haircut
  • But the support didn’t end there

A homeless beggar  has transformed  remarkably after a netizen helped him get his hair trimmed, offered him food, and bought him new clothes. But the support didn’t end there.

Image from Val Santos Matubang via Facebook

In a Facebook video, Val Santos Matubang offered a beggar some bread and asked him to eat it one early morning.

Then he gathered some information from the man such as the place where he lives to which the latter said that he used to live in San Pablo, Laguna.

Matubang, as per his FB about page, is from Daet, Camarines, Norte and works at Kublihan Feeding Center.

Later on, he asked the man if he wants to get his hair trimmed and the response was positive. The man was hesitant to ride on the tricycle at first; however, he soon got inside after a long walk due to difficulty finding an open barbershop in the morning.

Thankfully, they found one. The barber unhesitantly welcomed the man and trimmed his long hair; giving him a totally clean and different look.

The good samaritan then proceeded to buy him some shirts and pants, as well as finding a bathroom so he could take a bath.

“Gwapo na oh,” he smilingly said. [Look, he’s handsome now.]

Image from Val Santos Matubang via Facebook

In a new post by Matubang, he shared the good news that the man is finally home and is now reunited with his father.

Apparently, Matubang has been providing food for the same man since 2018.

“Thank you. You’re a hero. You have such a kind heart. God bless, I wish that you would help more,” a netizen commented.

May there be more Val Matubang in this world. Kudos also to the welcoming barber!

LOOK: The photo below shows the former beggar and his father.

Image from Val Santos Matubang via Facebook