Protest in Lebanon turns into an impromptu ‘demonstration’ of Baby Shark

  • A crowd of protesters picketing in Baabda District in Lebanon took a brief reprieve when a toddler and her mother passed through the road
  • Upon learning that there was a boy sleeping inside the car, they started with their mini performance
  • The video was shared online and has since gone viral

A loud protest in the streets of Lebanon turned into a merry impromptu singing of the famous children’s song Baby Shark.

Image Capture of a Video by Eliane Jabbour via Facebook

Eliane Jabbour was driving through a crowd of protesters in Baabda District when she realized that her 15-month-old son, who was on the passenger’s seat, could be awakened and become scared with the noise. So, she braved the crowd of demonstrators and asked them to keep it low as they pass because she has a baby inside.

Her son, Robin, eventually woke up but instead of waking up to a loud and tense protests, he witnessed, wide-eyed, an impromptu performance from the rallyists, who sang the globally-famous song to ease the toddler’s fear; complete with hand gesture and enthusiasm.

“I told them, ‘I have a baby, don’t be too loud,” Jabbour said in a CNN interview. “It was spontaneous. He likes this song. He hears it many times at home and laughs,” she added.

Image Capture of a Video by Eliane Jabbour via Facebook

Amid being overwhelmed with the beautiful and unexpected sight in the middle of a tense demonstration, Jabbour was able to film the scene which she uploaded online and has since gone viral.

“Although he looked confused in the video, right now he starts laughing whenever he watches it,”Jabbour told Reuters.

According to a report, the video instantly went viral that her husband saw the video before she could even tell him what happened.

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