‘Sister act’: Toni Gonzaga does backup vocals for sister Alex in her new song

  • Never mind if she is a big big star, Toni is first and foremost a sibling to her sister and is willing to do backup vocals for her 
  • In a video, Toni can be seen playing an unexpected role as a backup vocals in Alex’s new song
  • Alex applauded her sister’s act by posting an appreciation tweet that goes with the video of Toni while doing the backup vocals

Whether on television or on social media, the bond between the siblings Toni and Alex Gonzaga is incredibly tight and funny, most of the time. So, it would no longer be a surprise for them to show support in each others’ career.

Image by Cathy Gonzaga via Instagram

But this time, the celebrity siblings have shown another facet of their bond, as Toni, the elder sister, was caught on a video doing backup vocals for her sister’s new song when she performed it live on TV.

In a now trending six-second video on Twitter, Toni can be seen sitting behind the other backup singers, clad in a shiny dress while doing an unexpected thing for someone who is also a singer herself. Toni seemed to be unmindful of the fact the she is actually a good singer, who had a couple of popular singles in the past, as she played a part in her sister’s performance even behind the cameras.

Alex, on the other hand, could not be more proud of her sister’s sweet gesture — for letting her have her moment and shine on her own. She posted the clip on her Twitter account last October 23 saying, “Find a sister who will do backup vocals for you behind the scenes! Love you, ate! Just saw this now in my phone!”

Image by Cathy Gonzaga via Instagram

And this is not just a promotional gimmick as Toni’s voice can really be heard on the song, especially towards the latter part of the piece. Truly heartwarming, if you ask me!

The video posted by Alex has been viewed more than 534K times and has gained 72.9K likes and over 7.2K retweets.

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