Zia Dantes wins award for sporting freaky costume made of recyclables in school’s party

  • Zia Dantes, the daughter of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, wore a freaky costume made from recyclables to her school’s party
  • She won the best in costume award
  • The costume was personally made by her mom Marian

Zia Dantes has just won her school’s costume party and everyone else approves, including Mother Earth.

Image by Marian Rivera via Instagram

Zia, the firstborn of celebrity couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, went to her school’s costume contest as a freaky clown and then went home bringing the best in costume award.

Of course, her mommy Marian was so elated with the award. And another mother is also glad about it — Mother Earth must be so proud because Zia’s costume is made up of recycled materials.

The materials used, as seen on the photograph posted by Marian on Instagram, look like old baloons and garbage bags. The top portion of the dress was made from old deflated balloons while the skirt was made up of cutouts from a black plastic garbage bag.

Marian, proudly showed her daughter’s little achievement on Instagram; saying, “Boo! Freaky clown costume made with recycled materials for school today. Congratulations, anak!”

Image by Marian Rivera via Instagram

Dingdong, on the other hand, congratulated Zia and praised Marian for a good job; hinting that Marian personally made the costume. On one of the comments, Marian confirmed that she’s actually the one behind the impressive freaky costume.

Many fellow celebrities also praised Zia’s costume. Bianca Gonzalez-Intal said, “Grabe! Always best in costume!”

Maricel Laxa-Pangilanan, for her part, said Zia “is a natural.” Gladys Reyes also applauded Zia’s costume; saying, “Deserving naman talaga (She’s really deserves it).”