Hatton says ‘he feels cheated’ in Mayweather bout 13 years ago

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  • Ricky Hatton said he was not given the opportunity to get close to Mayweather
  • He blamed the referee for continuously separating them during the action
  • But he still believes he gave Mayweather ‘a good run for his money’

Despite getting knocked down by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their 2007 welterweight championship match in MGM Grand Garden Arena, British fighter Ricky Hatton still feels he was not ‘given the opportunity’ to fight the American fair and square.

In a recent interview with BT Sport, Hatton recalls the days leading to the fight and the hype surrounding it as ‘incredible’ and the “best weekend of their lives”.

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“That’s…I’ve had hundreds of people say that to me so it must have been one hell of a weekend,” Hatton said.

As for the fight itself, Hatton complains how the referee kept on separating them and stopping him in the middle of the action, thus he was not given the chance to really hurt Mayweather even as he believes he has the skills and the power to do it.

“I did give him a good run for his money. I feel a little bit cheated to be honest with you, because I felt that I wasn’t going to outbox him and I wasn’t going to out-speed him,” said Hatton.

Dubbed ‘Undefeated’, the two champions met in Las Vegas in December 8, 2007 with Joe Cortez as the third man in the ring.

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Mayweather knocked down Hatton in the 10th round with a left hook. The British looked hurt and disoriented but Cortez let the fight continue. Another flurry of punches from Mayweather sent Hatton to the canvass for the second time.

Cortez finally stopped the fight at 1:35 in the round and Hatton was dealt with his first loss in his career.

But Hatton said the match could have ended differently had he been given the opportunity to get close to Mayweather.

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“But if I was allowed to get close I would definitely throw more punches than him. But I never got the opportunity and that’s the thing that will always eat away at me – the referee never gave me the opportunity,” Hatton mulled.

Hatton added there were fighters before him who were allowed to get close to Mayweather such as Marcos Maidana ‘who pushed him really close’ and Jose Luis Castillo who ‘a lot people thought won’.

“So I smell a rat that night with the referee and I don’t think I was given a fair crack of the whip,” he said.

Hatton tried to revive his career in 2009 only to be knocked out again by Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao in the second round.

Highlights from the fight: