Ryan Reynolds offers $5,000 for return of woman’s teddy bear with her mom’s final message

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  • Ryan Reynolds offers $5,000 to find a woman’s stolen teddy bear in Vancouver
  • The bear contains her mom’s final message before she lost her to the ‘Big C’ last year
  • Other celebrities also joined Reynolds in helping out the woman find her priced toy

Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds is offering $5,000 for the return of a woman’s stolen teddy bear, which according to her, is containing her late mom’s final message before she passed away.

Reynolds took to Twitter to seek help from those who may have seen the bear in Vancouver.

Screenshot from Reynold’s Twitter post

He wrote: “Vancouver: $5,000 to anyone who returns this bear to Mara. Zero questions asked. I think we all need this bear to come home.”

The teddy bear belongs to Mara Soriano, a storyboard artist, who shared her story on Reddit how the ‘super sentimental build-a-bear’ got lost. She narrated they were moving into the West End a few days ago and were unloading a U-Haul when someone stole her backpack.

Screenshot from Mara Soriano’s Twitter post

The black Herschel backpack has many important and expensive items including her passports, SIN cards, a citizenship card, a Blank Chequebook, an iPad Pro and a Nintendo Switch. But she doesn’t care about all those gadgets and only want the teddy bear back.

Apparently, the priced toy contains her mom’s final message before she succumbed to the ‘Big C’ last year at age 53.

“She recorded it right before she went into hospice and her voice changed. In it, she says ‘I love you, i’ m proud of you, i’ll always be with you’,“ she wrote.

Mara said it was the last thing she have of hers and she can replace everything but not the bear.

“I hugged it every time I missed her,” Mara told CNN.

Image from Mara Soriano’s Twitter post

Besides Reynolds, other celebrities also joined to help Mara find her toy including Dan Levy and Zach Braff.

Since Sunday, Mara has been posting posters in Vancouver streets hoping to be reunited again with her teddy bear.