Tekla shows how his partner left his condo

Image via YouTube | Donekla
  • Tekla showed netizens the condition of his condominium unit after his partner left
  • Together with fellow comedian Donita Nose, he toured the netizens around his condo which was left in disarray
  • With the help of Donita, Tekla’s condo underwent a makeover

Comedian Super Tekla showed netizens the mess left by his partner and her relatives inside his condominium unit after the issue between them broke out.

Image via YouTube | Donekla

Tekla, accompanied by fellow comedian and YouTuber Donita Nose, gave a tour around his condo. He said that it was fully furnished when they moved in, but now, he joked that it is already “fully panis.”

Donita explained that Tekla was not home when his partner Michelle Bana-ag and her relatives left. In their kitchen, the two found empty soda containers, stinking leftover food, and unwashed utensils. They also found the room and comfort room in disarray; with trash all over the place.

Donita helped Tekla clean up; believing that an organized condo will help him think clearer. In a newly-uploaded vlog, the two showed the improvement after the day-long general cleaning.

“Hindi namin ipinakikita ito just to gain sympathy. Ipinakikita namin ‘yong realidad kung paano sila mamahay. Kasi hindi ko naman maaasikaso ‘yan kasi ako ‘yong naghahanapbuhay. Pag-uwi ko sana maaliwalas man lang ‘yong bahay,” Tekla said.

Image via YouTube | Donekla

A concerned netizen also donated money that Tekla used to buy new beddings and utensils. Tekla expressed gratitude to his friend Donita for helping him take a step in starting over. He also promised to maintain the cleanliness of his condo; now that he will be living there alone.

He admitted that he is not yet fully okay after being accused by Michelle.

Michelle also told radio program Raffy Tulfo in Action that Tekla would not give them food if she says no to his demands. Tekla has denied these accusations. Michelle will no longer file a case against Tekla as they have already talked and agreed to just part ways.

“Medyo ito, hindi ko alam kung paano ko uumpisahan yung buhay ko sa nangyari. Still, life must go on. Hindi naman para bumigay ka at mas maraming bagay na puwedeng gawin na mas makabuluhan,” he said.

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But when you have a best friend like Donita… this happens!

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