Ellen Adarna shares why she believes “living in” with partner before marriage is okay

  • Ellen Adarna admitted she is pro-live in
  • She said her father allowed them to live in with their partners so they may understand that marriage and living with someone is not easy
  • Ellen said she shouldn’t be asked about marriage questions because she’s still inexperienced

Ellen Adarna shared her thoughts on “living in” and said she believes it is a better way to get to know your partner.

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram Stories

On Instagram, Ellen had one of her usual “Ask Me a Question” sessions with her followers where they ask her opinion on random topics. This time, one netizen asked her if she’s okay with partners living together before marriage.

The netizen asked, “What can you say about couples living together without marriage?”

Speaking in Cebuano, “Ako, ‘Day, pro ako ‘Day, which is me and my siblings, when we reached 18, our parents encouraged us to live with our partners so ‘di mi magpatakag minyo kung kahibaw mi sa unsay among gusto or di.” [So that we will not get married hastily and know if we want it or not]

She continued that one of her father’s fears was of them getting married in a rush. So, he let them experience it first and make them understand the idea of what it’s like to live with someone. “So, ako, I’m pro live-in,” Ellen said.

Ellen explained that getting married isn’t easy. When you realize you made a mistake you cannot just “back out.” “So, for me, at some point nga kabaw ka nga unsa man ang giintrahan nimo nga idea, nga imo mang gi-trust drive.” [So for me, at some point  it’s important to know what you got yourself into, take it as a “trust drive.”]

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

Meanwhile, Ellen said she shouldn’t be asked a lot of questions about marriage and finding “the one”.

“Guys, please do not ask me this because I’m not experienced. I haven’t been married, and I haven’t found the one yet. Please,” she clarified.

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