Ivana Alawi on her ideal man: “Ayaw ko ng sobrang gwapo, para wala akong kaagaw”

Image by Ivana Alawi via Instagram
  • Ivana Alawi said she prefers a man who is not so handsome but is honest and family oriented
  • She made the revelation on her recent vlog with Mimiyuuuh
  • Earlier, Ivana said she turned down a rich suitor who owns a private jet and offered to take her to Japan

Ivana Alawi disclosed that she wants her ideal man to be not so handsome so she won’t have to worry about having rivals.

Image by Ivana Alawi via Facebook

On her latest vlog, Ivana had popular vlogger Mimiyuuuh as her guest. Sporting fancy clothes, they two rode a chopper where they joked that they were on their way to Paris when they were actually going to Tagaytay. Mimiyuuuh couldn’t sit still and was nervous as it was his first time to ride a chopper.

The two had lunch where they started asking questions about each other as it was their first collaboration together. At one point, Mimiyuuuh asked Ivana, “Ano bang mga characteristics sa lalake, ayan, ang gusto mo. Limang characteristics.”

Ivana shared that she wants someone who is “family oriented.” She also said she doesn’t want a cheater. “Hindi manloloko, not cheating….. ayaw ko ng sobrang gwapo, para wala akong kaagaw. Not too handsome. Not getting to others. I don’t like lies, no lies. Yung maraming time sa akin,” she said.

Image by Ivana Alawi via Facebook

The model-actress seems consistent on her preference that she doesn’t mind if a man is rich or is good looking. She earlier revealed that she once rejected a suitor who owns a private jet and who offered to take her to Japan.

“Ni-reject ko yun. Ang yabang! Hindi siya bongga. Mayabang. Pinakamayabang yun,” she shared.

On her part, Ivana revealed that she’s the loyal type who would make a commitment to a single person when it comes to relationships.

You can watch the rest of the vlog via Ivana’s YouTube channel:

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