Ogie Diaz on issue of Nadine Lustre vs Viva: “Ano pa ang silbi ng kontrata”

  • Ogie Diaz stressed the importance of keeping contracts with talents
  • He said Nadine Lustre should have settled with Viva amicably if she wanted to leave
  • Last January, Nadine – through her legal counsel – announced she has left Viva Artist Agency

Ogie Diaz shared his thoughts on the recent controversy between Nadine Lustre and Viva Artists Agency.

Image by Ogie Diaz via Facebook

Ogie, who also manages several talents shared his piece of mind on how important it is to keep contracts. In his “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update” YouTube channel, Ogie recalled that it was in January when Nadine’s lawyer released a statement that she ‘s no longer with Viva.

Ogie went on to explain how Nadine’s legal counsel, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, declared that the actress is now independent and would manage herself. He recalled that Atty. Kapunan said it is part of Nadine’s civil rights for her to withdraw from the contract or agency when she wishes to.

Ogie then went to stress how that seems a bit conflicting when it comes to making contracts. He said, “Kaya ngayon nga tinatanong ko, eto ano ah, I have nothing against uhm Nadine ano. Ano pa ang silbi ng kontrata kung paiiralin natin. Bakit pa pumirma? Kung paiiralin natin yung pag ayaw na ng talent eh aalis na.”

He said he believes that everything could have been settled with a good talk.

“Ako naniniwala ako Loi noh. Na nasa pag-uusap ‘yan. Kunware nagpaalam si Nadine Lustre sa Viva na ‘aalis na po ako, baka po pwede n’yo ako i-release,” Ogie said.

Image by Nadine Lustre via Facebook

Ogie added, “Sana nagpaalam nang maayos si Nadine at pinakawalan din siya nang maayos ng Viva. Para walang samaan ng loob.”

Ogie advised Nadine to try and agree on an amicable settlement with Viva. Part of his message goes, “Nadine, pag-isipan mong mabuti. Kung ayaw mo na talaga, pumunta ka dun at mag-settle kayo.”

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