Another Fake Beef Scandal In China

September 23, 2013 Shayne Martinez

China – About 20,000 kilograms of  ‘fake beef’ have been confiscated from a factory in Shaanxi province, Northwest China. The said ‘beef’ is in fact pork meat, but manufactured with chemicals such as paraffin wax […]


A Life Lesson Learned, in Three Minutes

September 17, 2013 DF Balita

Giving is for some, a way of life. This three minute video has been receiving rave reviews from netizens around the globe. The Thai telecommunications conglomerate True hits the spot for its latest commercial, “Giving,”. […]


Hannah Montana No More

September 16, 2013 April Lastimoza

Hannah Montana had been over for quite some time now and the actress playing the role had long shed off her sweet and innocent image. Yes, talking about THE Miley Cyrus.  Over the years, this […]