Never ignore the little things, sometimes they matter more

  • Learn to appreciate even the smallest and simplest things for they may mean more than you’ll ever know
  • Practice gratitude everyday, be a blessing to people whenever you can
  • Learn to value time because there’s no rewind

In life we tend to disregard the relevance of little things. Most of the time we are so engrossed over the big pictures, big events, big material things and overlook the simple little things which at the bottom line are actually greattttttter little things.

* A Dad helping his daughter on her modules = daughter starts feeling so loved by her father.

* A husband’s one-second kiss on his wife’s forehead (cheeks or lips, wherever!) or a quick hug before they part ways going to work = wife getting energized knowing that her better half will always be there for her.

* A son’s quick assistance to his Mom who’s trying to lift a basket of laundry = Mom’s heart warms because her son notices her little needs.

* A daughter’s whisper of “thank you” to a mother who prepares food for the family = parent is assured that the child has manners and values.

* An older brother escorting his frail little brother to class = little Bro feels safe knowing that no one will dare bully him because he has an ally in the form of a big brother!

* A sibling who cheers for you and wishes you luck when you are about to compete or take an exam; saying even just a short line of “you can do it, I believe in you!” = inspiring, confidence soars like an eagle in the sky!

* A friend holding your hand when you feel like crying but can’t = the gesture opens the dam of tears that had been wanting to pour, hence, an emotional release fully appreciated by the person whose hand you held.

* A sweetheart who gives in to your little whims even if he thinks it’s corny = she feels pampered in a way and loves you more for those little things.

* A teacher who gives a teeny weeny bit of a smile to a kindergarten child who was near tears while she guided her hand on how to hold a crayon = the child doesn’t feel lost anymore.

* A lady saying “thank you” to the old woman who sold veggies by the roadside = the old woman feels respected and smiles contentedly; even offers a gift from her harvest.

*A streetchild or a homeless person suddenly receives a food pack or a gift from you = finds themselves believing in humanity.

* Plus a hundred little scenes that may seem insignificant to you but matters so much to another peron!

Remember always! Be more appreciative of people, big or small, rich or poor, popular or not. You never know you could be saving someone from pression!  Yes, you can be a blessing wherever you are!